Friday, October 17, 2014

Our Annual Leaf Trip (part 2)


Driving down the road less traveled we did.  Roads in Connecticut that I'd never been on before.

It was beautiful. We turned off the Halloween Franklin so that the girls could enjoy the view too. They were all chatty... something about getting married here. But I don't think you can hear them in the video.  Kind of boring really... sorry but I loved this leaf drive so

We followed an "Autumn Abundance" dive in Yankee Magazine. "A meandering jaunt through northwestern Connecticut's scenic beauty and nature's bounty."   First stop ~ Barkhansted Reservoir and Saville Dam. I read before we left "regal stone gatehouse punctuates a dense treescape of sugar maples, oaks, and pine" But what it didn't describe were the crunch of leaves, the leaves swirling through the air, and that autumn smell. It was glorious.



This was the same area too.

Next it was lunch time in the historic town of Riverton, an 18th century stagecoach stop. Charming, delightful, and oh we will be back kind of town.


Do you see what I see? Do you see that sign? "Christmas in Riverton?" I was not the only one who spotted it... look in Anna's hands... she picked up a postcard in the store of that weekend... we are one in the same that Christmas girl and I.


"This lovely hidden picnic spot by itself could fulfill your daytrip wish list."





Oh how I wanted to take so many photos of this sweet town but we were all color coordinated and I felt funny taking pictures of their town as they were strolling along and enjoying the prettiest month of the year. But I will ... promise... when I go back. (for Christmas in Riverton... but don't tell the girls about the 1776 Riverton Inn room I booked, okay?)

I'm sure you've had your fill of sleepy towns and curvy Connecticut roads in the fall. But I just can't get enough of them. I ohh and ahh over the leaves in my own cityish town as I do for the leaves in a Yankee Magazine drive. It's just glorious. Oh October, I love you!


  1. Your girls are beautiful Tara! I love Anna's dress . I could drive around all day just looking at leaves this time of year. We are thinking of making a trip back east this summer but I think the fall is the time to visit.

  2. Tara, I could look at these photos all day long.
    So very beautiful.
    I'll be there. Someday. : )