Saturday, October 4, 2014

On Being Domestic

"A Little House ~ A little House of my of my own ~ out of the wind & the rains way" Padriac Colum


"Playing House" is my true love.  (domestic'ing' music) It's how I feel grounded, centered, happy, whole.  Motherhood, being a wife, and just being me in my home is what life is all about for me.

Today (okay so I took these on Wednesday) was the perfect weather day for a day of domestic bliss.  Rain... oh glorious, cozy, stay at home rain.  I love ya!


I get the girls off to school.  I love our mornings.  I still 'cook' a real breakfast for them. Those two are spoiled... no cold cereal in this house.  It's my joy to make them a hot breakfast.  I came home this Wednesday to put one load in the washer, turn on the dishwasher, hum a little, move the laundry to the dryer, empty the dishes, fold sheets, and on and on.  Every day is, but especially this day in the rain is my domestic bliss day.


I love the way I know every sound in my house and just the way it feels.  I love that it's almost October (yes, this was Wednesday... I know it's October now)

(Love this old oak in our front yard)


I add things to my to do list like plan in fall recipe's.  I reread this book every fall.  And this time I took time to write down the recipes and page numbers of the ones this fall must see.  This fall is not getting away without Touch Down Chili or Indian Pudding... and about twenty other recipes.  Domestic bliss!



Give me a pile of clean sheets and an even bigger pile of little girl dresses and principal shirts to iron... a whole day to have with them... and I'm in domestic bliss!


The leaves are just beginning to change here in New England.  There is a beautiful part of the road on my way to my school each morning.  It's the time of day really.  The way the sun hits those leaves.  It's a country looking, winding road, and the branches of the leaves bend over the street.  It would make a really pretty picture except that there are those cars behind me that could care less about the way the light hits the red leaves and just want to get to work. So I don't have a picture of it... just trust me, it's beautiful!

I saw this sitting in my car at my school this week.  It was 11:15 and I was just starting the car to drive home.  I must have startled her because she looked up at me.


"These were enough miracles for me.  A person shouldn't be so greedy."  Susan Branch

Yes, this is sitting in the school parking lot.  There was a baby too but she darted off when she saw me.  Must have been camera shy!  Beautiful, right?  Another little wink from God that I'm in the right place.  He brought the 'seasonal' to my school.  No one has ever seen a mama and baby deer there before... He did it just for me.  It was like, 'see, you can still enjoy the seasons and all their glory even at your own little school. I'm here.  And you're in the right place.'

I love this season in the sun, in the rain, on days when I'm at my school wearing little heals or at home with cozy socks.  It's all good in the fall!



  1. You know I savor every single one of your posts, right?
    But I have to say...I believe this is my favorite. : )
    I loved every word, thought, image and photo you shared. I felt a piece of you reaching right out and drawing me in. I share these feelings, you know. And I am blessed to have a friend who does as well. : )

  2. I love this post. It is just so peaceful along with your beautiful pictures.
    I too love being able to do everyday things for my family. One of my favorite things to do is fold laundry...I know crazy..but may years ago a friend shared with me that she prayed for each family member as she folded their clothes. It is something that has stuck with me for years.


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