Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our Annual Leaf Trip (part 3)

"New England has a way of doing this to people; they can be homesick for it even if they have never seen it." ~ Mark Van Doren

1 collage

The light was so beautiful, the colors so pretty... I kept wanting to stop.  Around every corner I said, "lets' get out here... I'll grab the tripod"

Even just the woods like this.  Leaves fluttering down. (needs music again I think)



Sorry folks for the kissing the woods pictures... I still didn't have the shot I wanted.


Our next stop was Haystack Mountain and Dennis Hill State Park. And there I found the spot. Just the perfect place to nail that family photo.

Just wait til you see how beautiful it is. Here is the drive up to the top. Breathtaking, gorgeous!  Someone should paint this.


Which led to this ~


Where the girls had to run and run and run...


And where I discovered the photo location I've been dreaming about my whole life. Huge stone arches letting in georgeous light. Lots of ways to 'frame' the photo and dreamy backgrounds. If only October could last forever. Oh how I love this one!



And the credit for this one belongs to Anna who thought the whole "hey, we can make a heart with our hands" idea. The photo I wanted was not the photo I planned (they never are). It was all Anna's idea and a location that made it so easy.


I love their relaxed happy smiles in these. How many more falls can I get the girls to do this for me?

5  in

32 in


What I love about New England. Stone walls, curvey roads, oh the leaves.




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