Saturday, February 8, 2014

Working Backwards

It's Saturday. I should be 'headed up' by now. I have to teach a class of first graders at 'church school' tomorrow. But I'm all wound up and all exhausted at the same time. So I thought I'd work backward since there seems to be so much catch up for me and this little place I put my life.

Today I took Abigail to the doctor because I was sure she had pink eye. She left with yes pink eye but also a positive test to Strep!!! "Ohhhhh... that explains everything," I thought. Like why she cried every half hour today.

I wonder how I 'missed this one.' I know her sooo well and she's sick a lot so I always know the onset of every ear infection, cold, fever, everything.. missed this one. After the meds tonight and as she was falling asleep she was moaning. Poor thing! It's gonna be a loooong night... maybe.

1 2 collage

Earlier this week her little group class was asked to play at a Chocolate Festival. Scott and laughed as we stood by the onions and trail mix and watched her play. She was darling. But it sure was a fiasco getting there on a Thursday night. Anna played too but she was standing behind Abigail and we couldn't get her, darn! (especially since she played more interesting music than her little sister) Here's a little clip...


And since we're working backward, earlier this week we had a snow day. It was lovely. Tea, sledding, tea, and everything good that comes with an unexpected change in the schedule.



Just steps out of our back door



I really wish I saw these pictures before today because I can see her pink eye right there!


Oh I love Abigail's smile as Anna had a crash fun landing.


And her walk back up the hill


8 9 collage

Lots of tears this week leading up to Strep and pink eye :(



I love snow days. They're glorious.




And before that Scott had an overnight trip to NYC. It snowed that afternoon so even though it wasn't that much the girls wanted to shovel for daddy; to surprise him when he came home.



And our traditon is that if daddy is away overnight it's a sleepover with me!


Here's to meds working, me not having to work backward here in this space. And to a happy, healthy Sunday.



  1. working backwards?? sounds like me...only i keep forgetting the "working " part!!:) haha
    poor abigail! and i just HATE it when i miss an illness!! i always feel so terrible in the docs office! janey faitned at school once in first grade when she had strep!! didnt' even kknow she was sick at all! talk about scary and freaky!! hope she is better soon and that your night was restful!

    onions and trail mix...that made me laugh! but she sounded sweet as can be.

    those shoveling videos are priceless. we love to surprise daddy like that too, but lately our snow has been waaaaay too much for that!

    that is one impressive snow hill out back. yep our girls would have loved that for sure. and look at winter you in that sporty pink coat and your nails still painted! i'm guessing that's your love day red!!:)

    dave just left for the airport and it's about 4:30 am! guess i should go work on that blog of mine!!!:) haha

    have a happy day tara

  2. Love she shoveling snow video. Ray is in new jersey last week and he was amazed at all the snow and how cold it was.
    I love your tea cup. I have decided that I am going to start collecting tea cups to go along with so e that were my grandmothers, tea always taste better in pretty cups.


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