Monday, February 24, 2014

A First and what I found on the little camera

We have a new frozen yogurt place near us. And they claim to be very 'allergy safe'. So I investigated and yes, they do have two flavors that are dairy free, nut free, and soy free. And I was assured that no dairy has ever gone through that particular machine.

So it was the FIRST TIME Abigail has ever gone out for icecream and it was a big deal! A big, big, big deal.

The lady offered her a sample of the two she could have. You've got to love the look on her face.


She's frightened of trying anything new, even a frozen treat like this.

So one little lick and she was able to tell us which one she wanted. (kiwi strawberry)


And so of course we filled a bowl right up.


Here's Daddy checking about the sprinkles. The manager even called the 'experts' but no sprinkles because they have soy in them. Oh well...


And of course she took a few more licks from her spoon and said, "I"m full" which is her polite way of saying, "no thanks, this is not for me"

But we sure were happy for her!



Sometimes we hype things up in our minds, us allergy parents. Ohhh it'll be so great that she can be included; that she can have 'icecream' too. You wait for years for a place to open like Sweet Frog. You research the safety of it and then low and behold she really wasn't missing anything anyway.

These Anna took on Valentines Day.



Gotta love us cooking in the kitchen. This is no average Friday night I tell you.

3 4 collage

And this weekend we took a little trip to a little town in NY (such a beautiful drive) home of Harney and Sons tea. Such a pretty place.


And I love anything tea!



  1. Awww too bad it wasn't that great!! I LOVE the pictures of you and your hubby and the one of the girls hugging by the fireplace. Your family is way too sweet! :)

  2. Love the pictures of you and your husband in the kitchen!

  3. Tara!
    That first picture!
    I love it!
    Love you and your sweet hubby too! : )

  4. Maybe she'll acquire a taste for it someday. I agree with Billie Jo, that first picture was adorable :)

  5. billie jo is right!!! that first shot says so much!!:) and what a simply adorable place. the colors are so happy!!! it is kind of funny that we think they are missing things that they could really care less about! haha but as mama's we try to give them "everything" and out for ice cream qualifies in my book:)
    love the pics of you and scott. cookin up love in that kitchen!!:)
    and the girls look so happy at the tea shop. weren't riley and anna funny texting on the ride home?!!:)
    have a happy day tara