Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dating You Six ~ Slumber Party for Two!

It's really cold here in Connecticut.  The wind is whipping, the temps are dropping more in the days to come, and there's snow storm coming this weekend.  You know what I think of when the weather is like this.  Yeah, time to cozy up the house even more!  What can I cook?  What should I bake?  Maybe I should redo out game basket under the coffee table in the family room... I get all excited.  I love each and every season.  And blogging this date on a cold weather day like this seems fitting.  After all it was a cozy, at home date in front of the fireplace, oh la la!  (music for ya) 

Here's what the date card looked like :

collage 10

And then I made these...


Ready to go in the oven


Is there really anything better than whipping cream for cream puffs?


Really dark room... just some twinkle lights on


Anna, who came down after we had tucked her in wanted to take a picture



Our view opposite the fireplace



We ate pizza and played this game. So much fun to go back and relive all the old memories. It had us laughing so much we were crying!


PS ~ I won!

Six more dates to go!


  1. I. love. You.
    You are an amazing wife, my friend.
    An amazing mother too, of course.
    But you remind me to remember my sweet hubby...the guy who sometimes, I have to admit, gets lost amid the chaos of a home with two teenage girls, a tween boy, a preschooler, an OCD mom, and a dog...
    Yay you, my friend.

  2. (now i see those sweet pics!)

    you are the best tara! i hope scott knows how lucky he is...but i'm sure he does!
    twinkle lights are perfect and those games look like so much fun.
    and how sweet that anna got to take that pic. the image of love forever ingrained in her mind and heart!!:)
    have a happy night tara

  3. Oh Tara I love this one! You are so creative and fun. i. really need to give you a call soon so we can chat about these date nights. I only have three months until Ray's birthday. Wish I could sit in your beautiful kitchen and chat . :)