Friday, February 28, 2014

Simple Things

"For it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all..." Laura Ingalls Wilder.  

A winter sunrise outside my bedroom window

Oh, I almost forgot... music!  


Daddy leading Bible time

(kind of an interesting picture.  He's listening closely to Anna) 





The look in my six year olds eyes says it all,  Deep connections and friendship are such a blessing. We all long for that in life.  I feel blessed to have a few of those myself... just a few (you know who you are... all of you!) who give me that look Abigail has in her eyes.


Homework help


And may she always stay so little that she needs help with The Little Red Caboose...


Wishing you a simple things kind of weekend.  This weekend my simple things are our Saturday morning trip to the little library around the corner, a first birthday party for my nephew, a cozy Saturday night at home, Mass on Sunday morning, and decorating for March in the afternoon.  Add some baking, lots of cooking, helping with viola and other odd tasks and you've got yourself a simple weekend.  I can look at the big looooong list (we all have one) or I can choose to keep it simple.  Sometimes I choose the big looooong list.  This weekend I choose to enjoy one moment after another whatever I'm doing.  Try it, it works!  Happy almost March friends!  xoxo 


  1. Sounds lovely, my sweet friend...
    I love your pictures...
    I always do.
    I feel like we really are neighbors...
    Just chatting on the phone.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. What a beautiful winter scene from your bedroom window. Do you have a fireplace in your bedroom? That would be fantastic, too! Sitting in bed, a fire crackling, and looking at the view :) Would you believe David and I were trimming back the rose bushes and cactus today?! Lovely pictures of the simple things in life :)

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  5. Sorry for the repeat comment! Ugh! My computer gave me the false impression that I wasn't submitting it correctly ;)

  6. You have a darling blog. So glad I stumbled over here.

    And I LOVE seeing your husband listening intently during Bible time, AND that He leads Bible time. What a gift! His posture reminds me of my own husband. We are blessed, aren't we! :)


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