Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's Play School


Waaaay back in December (although it feels like yesterday) Santa gave the girls a huge "Let's Play School" kit.  Boy oh boy would I have loved something like that when I was there age!  So this weekend I let Anna turn her room into a school room.  We moved around the furniture and even took a few things off the walls temporarily so that she could hang some of the things that came in the big box.  With all that work I decided it would be fun to let them dress up as teachers.

It was funny how when they were wearing 'teacher clothes' they got really serious.  




But still sweet too.  




Although it was all supposed to come down on Sunday evening and move to the playroom I caved when they begged to let it stay for the week.  Sure, I can walk by that huge reading chair all week!  Climb over it to put laundry away, no problem!  


Because I'll do anything for that little girl playing smile.



I do love the sunniest room in the house and just wanted them to feel that warmth from the windows.  So school will stay in session for a few more days or until I get stuck in that big reading chair!  

7 collage

Happy Monday everyone!  



  1. I love this! Juliana plays school almost everyday and she has a box of stuff we have collected for her classroom. I love the box the girls got for. Santa. What all was included in the box?

  2. big school players over here too!!:) especially janey and aubrey. and janey is sooooooo into it. printing lesson plans, planning games, making things. i have a feeling she'll have a classroom of her own someday!:)
    have a happy day tara

    anna looked super grown up in those pics!!!:)


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