Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Get In the Frame


I'm 41. So if you're 61 or even 51 and reading this you just might roll your eyes. To you I look young.
  (music because I just have to have optional music and this has been my soundtrack lately)

I've never really been that into my appearance. Sure, I wear makeup. I have to 'put my face on' (my grandma used to say that when I slept over her house when I was like 8) every morning. A bit of concealer, a powder, some blush and I'm not happy without pink lipstick. But I've never put make up on to cover up my age, my wrinkles. I just like putting it on, and I like the way it looks when it is on. So I was never hung up on wrinkles, or questions to myself like am I looking older.  I never really cared.

Actually I never really noticed anything. Maybe it's because Scott and I have always looked younger than our age. People would say when we were in our first married years, "you're married?" with a look like we should still be in high school. But anyway, I never really ever noticed anything. Until very, very recently. I'm not sure if I saw a photo of Scott and I when we were 20. Everything was tight, in it's place, just where it should be. (insert really cool photo of Scott and I looking young in your head) Or maybe it's this awesome blog because Caitlin and her husband remind me of Scott and I years a and years ago. There's just something in that sweet couple. First years married, so young, loving their Catholic faith, finding their way and on that beginning journey together.

But whatever the reason I looked recently for the first time and I have aged. My hands, my face, just a bit. Any ya know what? It's all okay with me. I don't want to look like I did when Anna was put into my arms. That was almost ten years ago. That would be strange to still look 30 right now.

So along comes this assignment for a photography class I'm taking. Get in the Frame. That's right. It's time for me to be behind the camera.  I wanted to do something different. At first I thought I'd set up the camera on a tripod and get the girls in the photo with me.  But they took one look at the weather outside and thought back probably to the cupid session when it was soooo cold in sleeveless dresses.  So I was solo on this shoot.


And it was fun!  I got all the settings right, plopped a chair in the snow and Scott snapped the photos.  Authentic, real, pearls, pink, me.  (okay, so having tea in the snow outside in a chair is not exactly realistic) but the whole look of it... that's me... with signs of aging and all.

collage 3


  1. Tara, you are BEAUTIFUL and I thought you were much younger! These pictures really do seem to capture you perfectly from all that I've seen and read on your blog!

    Thank you for your sweet words! I hope one day we have a love like yours! People always think we're way too young looking to be married, so it will be a bonus if we still look young at your age! ;)

  2. Great assignment! Great outlook! Fun and beautiful pics! This had to be so much fun. I mourned 39 nine and felt awesome at 40. I embraced it and so far, the 40's have been fantastic! Shoot! I was even blessed to bring life into the world at 43. I truly believe that attitude has almost everything to do with ones appearance. Beauty begins inside and just spills out over onto the outside of us.

  3. ok first...you look beautiful!!
    second...how come i don't know that song...or that band for that matter?!:)
    third...where does that chair live in your home...love it!
    and fourth etc...you look beautiful!
    have a happy day tara

  4. Beautiful pictures Tara!! What a fun photo shoot that must have been. It is funny how turning 40 really changes how you look and many things in life.