Sunday, July 8, 2012

Field Trip Friday

(snap shots with the little camera)


Scott's week off at home with us is over... boo hoo but we rounded out the week with our first summer 'Friday Field Trip.' Usually our Friday Field Trips are super educational and free so this one doesn't really count. :)


We headed to my the quaint town of Bernadston MA where Kringle Candle is located. Such elegant and pretty shops. We made reservations at the "Farm Table" and had emailed the cheif ahead of time about Abigail's allergies. He personally emailed us back and had the servers informed as well. Wow...



We spent the afternoon just enjoying ourselves. Good thing I have girls. They love to look and shop as much as I do!


Next time I go I'll take the big camera and get some shots of the stores. They have the most beautiful things for sale. And all little shops. Darling really.



The girls loved wandering around the Christmas Barn looking at all of the animals all set up.


(Abigail had her eye on those Nutcrackers... I couldn't get her away from them)

On the bottom floor of the Christmas Barn in the top shop. The most unique, old fashioned toys in one collection I've ever seen. Amazing! Not one ounce of plastic. All of the old fashioned games, dolls, toys, everything! It was like stepping onto a movie set.



A fun day for us!


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