Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Field Trip Friday ~ Trolley Museum

Connecticut has a Trolley Museum. It's not far from our house. So last Friday we ventured out. I love little mini trips with my girls in the summer.

And I love dresses above the knees. They're so 1940ish. I can watch Miracle on 34th street over and over just for the dresses and coats that little girl wears.


Anyway.... lovely trolley ride on a car built in 1920. I sit on the ride and picture the men coming home from work commuting to and from the city so that their family could have a better life. Kind of what we do still these days. We all try so hard to give our children the best possible life. I remember once my Grandfather said to me as he was telling my about moving from the city to the suburb that "we all try for each generation to give them a bit more. So they'll have more and be a bit more ahead." As a little girl at the time I couldn't imagine trying to give my children more than I had. I remember thinking how wonderful my life was and wouldn't it be great if my children could just have this? I must have been sitting in my Grandmother's kitchen filled with food I loved and people I loved sounds I loved and feelings I loved.


Abigail will hate that I posted this picture one day of her, but I loved her little pose. It's just that my little point and shoot purse camera is just a wee bit slow.


Oh how I love everything "olden" as Anna says.

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