Friday, July 27, 2012

A New Bracelet, A New Haircut, and a trip to the playground

new braclet 4

Abigail got a little present in the mail this week.  I ordered her this adorable allergy bracelet.  It was a blank bracelet with holes for adding in the buttons showing the allergies she has. 

new braclet 5

Sad to say that all of the holes on her bracelet were filled. 

Anna had fun helping her make her bracelet.

new braclet 7

new braclet 6

new braclet 3

new braclet 2

A proud EE kid!

new braclet 1

And Anna got an adorable new haircut this week.  Sweet layers in the front.

haircut 2

I just love how it frames her face. 

haircut 1

It's so much less "heavy" looking in the front. 

haircut 3

Man, I wish I had hair like hers!

A quick trip to the school playground after dinner.

playground 4

playground 2

playground 1

Abigail is getting excited about going to this school come September. 

playground 3

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