Friday, July 6, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday ~ Her Very Fairy Birthday Party

confetti 1

Scott and I always joke that Anna is nine 'going on 6'. She's 'young' in her tastes, likes, dislikes, playing, dressing, everything. And we like it like that of course.

pre party 3

pre party 4

So when she wanted a Fairy Birthday Party with all of the 'magic' we could think of I was over-the-moon. And I can say that every trip to the craft store, every poster colored, every ribbon tied was worth it.

pre party 2

So for her ninth birthday we created 'fairy land' in our back yard.

enchanted forest 1

Using sticks and ribbon we made a circle around the tree. You know how little girls are... once there is ribbon to 'tie off' and area it really is fairy land.

enchanted forest 4

I wanted it big enough for the table and chairs to be inside the Enchanted Forest.

enchanted forest 2

And for the entrance to be really magical.

enchanted forest 3

I had so much fun decorating the table inside the Enchanted Forest.

collage enchanted forest 5 6

A peek looking in from the entrance.  If you look really hard in the trees you can see some fairies!

enchanted forest 7

Here's a close up...

in the tree 4

collage 1 2

in the tree 3

My favorite part of the day was watching Anna see it all together for the first time.

pre party 7

And one happy little sister

pre party 6

pre party 8

We were all pretty excited about the party and how it all came together. I LOVE all this little girl party stuff!

pre party 5

I made posters and had them all over. This one was my favorite. I had it hanging out front and created a flag banner using fabric. (all matching the birthday girls dress)

set up 9

More set up pictures... a fairy house.

set up 1

set up 2

And my favorite of all... we had these pink feathers scattered all over the backyard. The fairies must have left them at night to wish Anna a Happy Birthday!

set up 7

You never know what might be flying around...

set up 8

collage 3 4

When her friends arrived they spent the afternoon going from one fun fairy activity to another. I only wish that I made the party a bit longer.

They painted Fairy Houses.

paint 1

paint 2

collage paint 4 5

They planted Fairy Flowers.

collage flowers 4 1

collage flowers 3 4

flower 2

flowers 5

A game of Mushroom Ring Toss. Just the right size for my bigger fairies.

collage ring toss 1 2

I think this one was Anna's favorite; and maybe a favorite with all of the girls.

collage dust 1 4

dust 3

dust 5

We had a Fairy Photo Booth inside the Enchanted Forest.

photo booth 2

photo booth 1

And we had an assortment of Fairy Food.

collage food 1 2

collage food 4 5

food 3

food 6

food 7

And this AMAZING cake that Anna's Auntie Cindy created for her. AMAZING! Thank you Auntie Cindy for all of the love you poured into it!

collage cake 1 3

cake 2

A close up on the detail!

cake 4

There was even a door entering Fairy Land that said, "Welcome Anna"! Wowza!

My Dad surprised all of us with a huge box of glittering fairy dust. He had all of the girls take huge handfuls of it and throw it into the air!

collage confetti 2 3

Love this one of Anna! My favorite photo! Love her oh so Chinese eyes in this one!

confetti 1

Make your own fairy wings! (my favorite)

collage wings 1 2

And a parting gift to all of the little fairy girls... Enchanted Fairy Bath Beads!

collage set up 5 6

I didn't want this birthday party to end.  Please stay little for a lot longer girls... please...  Happy ninth birthday Anna. We adore you!

pre party 1

For more fun photos check out my fiend Lisa...

the long road


  1. I loved looking at all of these pictures! This is like every girls dream party! You did a great job with the decorations and your little one is just adorable!

  2. such lovely photos - looks like such a great time!

  3. wow! you really made her 9th birthday special!! looks like an amazing party with incredible attention to every detail!! i love the idea of planting the flowers and making the fairy dust! your photos are beautiful!

  4. Wow! That was one beautiful party. I just loved everything. Those pictures are so pretty. And that cake was awesome. What a great memory she'll have of that day. Happy birthday to her!

  5. Happy Birthday Anna! What a magical birthday it was!! I love everything about this post! My girls love fairies also and making houses in the woods for them :-) Great job to mom and dad for all their hard work and love that went into setting this up! Have a wonderful Sunday!



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