Monday, January 9, 2012


On Friday Abigail had to go to the hospital for another endoscopy. I always think since it's routine for her it's easy (emotionally) for me. I'm always wrong. It's exhausting. Watching her get put to sleep for this procedure is not a fun thing to watch. Comforting her while the IV gets up into her arm is never fun. But she was brave and I was oh so proud of her. Her GI doctor said that it looked good (for the first time since 2009) but we still have to wait for the lab results that will come in the middle of this week. Anyway, a few shots from our morning in the hospital...

with baby

with daddy

And the rest of the weekend was a bit of
cleaning out a closet that I'm in and out of constantly, car broke down on my birthday, Anna and Scott announced that Saturday would be my "birthday redo day", so we went out to lunch, opened presents, spent the day together, had yummy apps for dinner, and just spent time together, Sunday church, played with cousins, had a friends birthday party, and got organized for the week. Oh, and the girls with Scott made Cake Pops for my birthday. Messy but fun!

cake pops4

cake pops3

cake pops 1

cake pops2

Here are some pictures from a dinner my Mom had for me last week the day before my birthday. Lobster casserole, and chocolate cake, yum!
(please excuse the grainy photos... I've been carrying around my 'point and shoot' and loving how light it is, how I can always have it with me, and how nice it is to sometimes have a break from my heavy camera. But is doesn't do well in low light)

moms 5


moms 3

After bathtime at Grandma and Grandpa's Abigail had to get her bitty baby in her jammies too...

moms 2

Anna with Grandpa and Duffy

moms 1

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  1. Hi Tara,

    I will be praying of only "positive" results for Abigail. Sounds like she was a real trooper thru it all.

    Happy Belated Birthday:) I had a birthday last week too, I lost count, I have had so many, LOL!

    Cake pops?? I have never heard of them before..but..they look VERY YUMMY!!!

    LOVE all your photo's. I'm really missing all my classmates, hope we can reunite soon!

    God Bless,