Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to Normal

I've got nothing but happiness for January.  No spring fever here!  I LOVE it.  I love the organizing, the cooking, the coziness, the non-Christmas rush, the baking, the organizing (did I alreay say that?)  Something about new toys the girls have, unpacking the normal decorations again after Christmas is away, all of it I love.

One huge walk in basement closet is done.  I stuffed things in there too long.  The girls and I cleaned out our family game shelf.  We started by saying we'd play every game to decide it we had all of the pieces, if we liked it, if it was worth keeping.  I was hoping to make some room those shelfs for my decorating ideas.  We only tossed a few games out of what seemed like over a hundred!!!  But I still made room for some new bins with all of my cake stands and lovely tea pots that were getting smashed in the kitchen cabinets.  I've decided to only have a few things out at a time and really use them rather than have everything I love out.  I thought it would be fun to go through the bins again each month.  (kinda like shopping without spending the money) 

Anyway, it feels so good to be back to normal around here.  Back to baking cookies.  I know that sounds weird since Christmas is the time for making cookies.  But to me Christmas cookies are mandatory, rushed, overtired, etc.  Everyday cookies get ohhs, and ahhs over here.  They are for lunch boxes, after school treats, and great with a cup of tea at night.  Yesterday Abigail and I made basic jam thumbprint cookies.  Don't you just love my new little glass dome that fits right on top of my cake stand from Scott's Mom?  Adorable.

cookies 1


Back to normal means a tea party with Anna after school.  And this pretty little tea cup from my Mom always out and ready for a tea party. 



Back to normal means I try to redecorate each little corner of my house.  Scott brought these home one night from our local grocery store, (remember my birthday when the car broke down?)  and I thought they looked lovely in the dining room. 



Hope you're all enjoying your back to normal.

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