Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At home with Abigail and Christams Morning (part 1)

Anna and Scott went back to school yesterday.  (Tuesday) And although I had a knot in the pit of my stomach it was the most lovely day with Abigail.  I remember how sweet it is to be home alone with her.  We spent the day cleaning, organizing, and doing all of the 'regular stuff' while mixing in playing together.  And of course it made me think of next year...Kindergarten (all day, not half)  I can't imagine my lazy mornings and afternoons without her.  Oh how I love to see her relaxed and happy at home. I love...
* how she struggles to put on her bunny slippers (that Anna and I giggle about because they are really mouse slippers)
* how she took my hand away from organizing a closet, led me to the middle of the playroom floor to dance with her.
* how she helped me so slowly cook her pancake puff breakfast
* her staying in her purple snowman jammies all morning* reading every single 'snow' book in our basket in the family room all curled up in front of the fireplace
* watching Little Bear (what a sweet show that is)
* when she went to look for a special stuffed animal and came out with one at a time saying... "mommy, I'm so sad, I can't find my Kip owl anywhere" and then she'd pull Kip out from behind her back and show me.  "Just kidding"  (delightful)
* her setting up a parade with all of the kids in her new Playmobil school and singing the music to the parade

And that's just about how a day with her at home goes.  Yes, she's with me all afternoon when Anna gets home for homework and off to group viola class but there's nothing like our time together during the day.... oh, ah, yummy! 

~I could have snapped pictures of Abigail throughout the day but I didn't.  Sometimes documenting everything takes away from well... everything.

Here's a bit of Christmas morning...  there really are too many pictures.  So unless you're Anna and Abigail's Grandma please feel free to skip the next couple of days as they will all be Christmas.  I like to go a bit at a time. 

"It is good to be children sometimes; never better than at Christmas." ~Charles Dickens~

The girls were up and stirring in the hallway at 7:53... not bad!!!  And then Scott runs downstairs to turn on the tree, the fireplace and make sure that the video is taping.  Meanwhile I take a few pictures at the top of the stairs.  The excitement is at an all time high.  I wish I could bottle up that morning!   Here they are patiently waiting!


They wore these lovely nightgowns I found online. Short sleeved but with a pretty robe over it. Here is their first glimpse.


These faces make all of the late nights and tired December mommy and daddy oh so happy!




This is what they were seeing.... pure Christmas magic!


Then stockings are first. I love this one of Abigail. She's barely able to hold her stocking. They were so much fun for them to open.


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  1. Beautiful Tara!! They look so perfect in those nightgowns and bows:) What a beautiful tree with perfectly wrapped presents...Santa's elves were busy!
    have a happy night