Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tea and Toes

I went for a lovely afternoon tea with my Mom and sister in law, Jackie.  Cinnamon~Chocolate tea with scones, desserts, and tiny tea sandwiches.  Just delightful.  I should have taken more pictures of the shop and tea room.  Next time I will. 



And the the "toes" part... on Saturday morning I woke up with the strangest looking right foot. Several of the toes and the side of my foot were all black and blue. When I stood up the toes were completely numb. I could barely feel them at all. I hadn't dropped anything one them, bumped them, nothing! Strange. I spent the weekend trying to walk on the numb foot which was now beginning to hurt; a lot! I told Scott it felt like my foot was thawing from frost bite.

After a few doctors on Monday I was told I had Raynaud's disease. It's nothing really but a nuisance. Except for when you get a flair up (which was what happened on the weekend) I'd never heard of this condition before and quickly learned that much warmer socks, cooler showers, and bundled feet at all times would be my "medicine". Apparently abnormal spasms of the blood vessels occur causing a diminished blood supply to the local tissues (in my case being my toes). I walk mostly barefoot in the house or with just some thin socks. So off to get warmer socks I'll go. I think the hardest part will be getting used to wearing socks in bed.

Here's hoping that this Raynaud episode goes quickly... it sure makes me feel like an old lady! And there are no pictures (thankfully) of my blue toes; it's not pretty! 

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  1. I just love going to tea rooms with my girls and having tea parties here. :-)
    Sorry to hear that about your foot, thankfully it is nothing more serious and has a solution :-)
    Have a great week!



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