Monday, January 16, 2012

Father Bob

There are so many special people in our lives that have helped to shape and guide Scott and I.  Our parents of course.  And then there is Father Bob.  I wrote about his influence in our lives back HERE but I just can't help it again.

Being in the same room as Father Bob stirs up all kinds of sweet emotions, and I just feel happy.  Blessed to know him and know that we are special to him. 

father bob with us

father bob with girls

Thank you Bret and Megin for inviting us to your lovely home.  Thank you for gathering us all together once again.  Thank you for reminding us that our faith will always be the glue that holds us together.  You have a precious family.  (4 babies ~ 5 and under) and we are better for knowing you.

(Anna took the picture of Scott & I with Father Bob... I've got to hand her the camera more often)

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