Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Butterfly Garden

I love 3 day weekends.  We ventured up to the butterfly garden.


The girls were so hoping that a butterfly would land on them like last time, but only mommy had luck!  Anna waked around like this with her finger raised waiting for a butterfly to land on her. 

anna with finger up


This was as close as Anna got.

on leaf

A day together with my little family is always lovely. 

with daddy

Check out our visit to this same place back in 2008!!!  Oh how I wish they were babies still...

Maybe Anna should have had half on purple nail polish like she did when she was 6...


Or perhaps blue is the lucky color.  Love this face!


Abigail was in her little sling.  How she loved being in there!


I love how Abigail is reaching for the butterfly here...


And as soon as I saw this picture I could hear Abigail saying, "ish, ish, ish!!!"  (fish)  I can hear the sound of her little voice and how excited she was! 



That's it!  They have to STOP growing!  That's enough! 

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