Tuesday, January 12, 2021

January Decorating

January decorating is minimal in my home. Really mimimal. I really should show you our family room and living room - so empty and wonderful after Christmas is all put away. But the kitchen is the heart of our home and I was so happy to get it all blue and vintage again. Not that I don't have a lot of Christmas vintage going on in there at Christmastime but everything in my kitchen looks better in January. The walls in this room are a blue/grey color and the vintage dishes on the walls just pop. I decided to put up some favorite window curtains I sewed from an old tablecloth. Love them! I sewed up a sink skirt with small gingham and hearts (perfect for leaving up in February). I added my floral pained plant stand and some special kitchen books. And the mug rack... how I love it in January. I don't have all of my pictures {baking center I still need to take pictures of} {and I realized that I must take a few photos of my favorite mug} but here is a peek into January. Cool, calm, bright, happy, welcoming, vintage, ahhhh. 

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