Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Well On Our Way

It is Wednesday.

I've met (on line but face to face) with 22 students.

I've gone to 2 staff meetings.

I've answered a thousand parent emails.

The girls have done all of their google meets (face to face) with their teachers.

They have done all of their work.

It has been going really well.

A few things we've worked out here and there because we're all working from home.

Abigail Working

Tonight the girls started another "new normal".

Their private viola lessons are now face to face through zoom.

That was a bit trickier to figure out than all of the other technology because of the instruments and hearing their teacher while playing.


But we figured it out.


I'm proud of them for adapting to all of these changes so quickly.

And I'm blessed to hear their music, their teacher, their lessons once again.

Music makes everything better.

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