Wednesday, August 8, 2018


We were away for 11 days. It was wonderful to be unplugged and with my family day after day. But it's not all roses. Going away from home with a daughter who can barely eat anything with her allergies is so so hard. And traveling with Anna's sensory issues is even harder. (just to give you a glimpse into the measures she takes to protect herself from things that feel dirty to her... she sometimes wears latex gloves on her hands in public so she doesn't have to touch anything, yup, she does) Scott and I have our moments of frustration and our moments of worry for our precious little family (like all parents worry about their kids) but then we have our laughs too and we are grateful for the memories that come with going away.

I came home and rolled out a pie crust, tucked it on top of little mini chicken pot pies. I started the laundry and was amazed at how much the contractor got done while we were gone. And then we had a flash flood and it flooded our basement. But it's all okay.

I can't wait to share pictures from our travels.

We are still in the thick of summer. I know that across the country this second week of August kids are starting to go back to school. We don't start until August 29th but this 4th grade teacher has to head back to set up her classroom soon.

Hope you're all having a wonderful August!


  1. You are so amazing, sweet friend.
    Glad you had an awesome time, and glad you are Home Sweet Home.
    Sorry about your basement.
    I have been there. And it sucks.
    Hugs and love!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see your vacation pics. You are an amazing photographer. And so sorry to read about your've had the worst luck these past few months down in there!