Thursday, August 16, 2018

Adoption Day

I need to pause on vacation documenting because today is a very special day for our family...

14 years ago today in a country with 2 billion people, Anna was placed in my arms. We had no idea what love the Father would lavish on us that Scott and I would be called mama and daddy by this chubby check, take your breath away, beautiful baby.

Anna in China waterfall (eyes)

 We have cried together, laughed together and even screamed until our voices were gone.

 Mountain top experiences and valleys so deep that oxygen felt absent.

Through all of this, one of the greatest titles I've even been given is that of "Anna's mother". I would lay down my life for this young woman, who, mark my words... will change the world for the better.

She is a treasure and for those who know her, know this to be true... she is beautiful best friend to her sister, loving, nurturing and kind. She is witty and filled with Godly wisdom. Her heart is true and she seeks the Lord each and every day. I am better for having her in my life.

I love her dearly.


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  1. What a special day indeed! Enjoy it and soak in all the memories :)