Friday, August 17, 2018

Cruise to Canada ~ part 5

(and thanks for letting me go oh so slow with these posts... manageable chunks these days)

Day 3 ~ Halifax, Nova Scotia 

When we woke up this day we were officially in Canada! (yesterday was Bar Harbor Maine, back here) And we were excited to get off the boat and explore. Scott did some research and found the Halifax Public Gardens. (here)We took a short taxi ride there and although I wasn't sure what to expect it was simply beautiful.



Have you ever gotten somewhere and then noticed what was on your kids feet? I remember noticing that she had flip flops on this day when we were already off the ship. How did I not notice? There was going to be a lot of walking this day and I wished she had her more sturdy sandals on.



It honestly felt so good to be off the ship just exploring and being in a beautiful place we'd never been in. We found a sweet coffee and tea shop so of course we stopped to make walking around that much more lovely.


I love handing Anna the camera to get a few of Scott and I!





It was such a relaxing day for us. In someways we felt like we were supposed to be 'doing' something. All of our other trips over the years had been so full. Even Disney is more doing, although not adventure like hiking in Hawaii, Disney is busy. This day was the opposite and just thoroughly enjoyable.




We walked back (really long and hot) to the Hallifax waterfront, a lively, fun place filled with restaurants and shops (here) and gosh darn my camera stayed in my backpack. I hate when I do that! But there are some pictures on that link above to show you a bit about the waterfront!

That night after dinner (or it might have been before) we decided to stay on deck to watch the sun set.


Love love love this one of Anna!


Little by little the sun began to fade.


And it went from this


to this



to this!



And the most fun of all was knowing that the very next day we'd wake up somewhere new in Canada!

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