Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Cruise to Canada ~ part 4 ~ The Thing About Cruises


I find that people either love cruises or hate them. I can see both sides, really I can. Because while this little family of mine loves adventure (like this amazing, adventurous trip back here) we like the relaxation that comes with going on a cruise.

And today I'd like to tell you about some of that...

You see in a little way a cruise is a home-like, cozy vacation with a bit of tiny adventure each morning when you wake up somewhere new.

We discovered that on the very first afternoon when I spotted on the daily guide that "Tea" would be served at 3:00 in the formal restaurant. Tea? Oh yes, we will be there each and every day.  All 7 of them!

Tea Time

So that first afternoon after being on a lobster boat and discovering a new town in Bar Harbor we 'tromped' into the dining room in the same clothes (yikes) Anna started giggling and said we looked like "rif-raf" and we did!  I wondered if we should stay or go back to the cabin and change... but before we knew it the waiters with white gloves were at our table pouring tea and delivering tea treats on tiered trays.


And this happened each and every afternoon. Sometimes they were on tiered trays and some afternoons the white gloved waiters were holding out trays and serving us treats from silver trays. It wall all so elegant. And lovely. And we never missed one.

Especially since this was our tea time view. Quite lovely each day.


Here's my 'rif-raf' at this point not at all worried if we smelled like lobsters. That worry went away after the first scone.


We brought non-allergic treats for Abigail from home. So she is diving into a cupcake that we hand carried on the ship.

As if treats and tea each afternoon wasn't enough each evening we dressed up and got ready in our tiny cacoon for dinner.


We walked up fancy stairs and if we were in the mood took a few photos.



Most nights we didn't take photos. We simply walked to the dining room where I was called Mrs. Baker.




Menus with four course (even though we weren't quite hungry... remember that tea was at 3)


We laughed and talked and reflected over dinner. We sank deep into our seats when the meal was done and just enjoyed each other.

All cozy if you ask me. Formal? Sure, but cozy too. It's like a cocoon in the room, muffled & quiet. The beds are sung with a puffy duvet, feather pillows, & smooth white sheets. Tiny but clean.

Some evenings Anna and I planned ahead and ordered room service breakfast (darn no pictures) And while Scott and Abigail went to eat breakfast in the dining room we were all cozied up in our cacoon eating a tray of yummy food.

And best of all we were together. All the time.

So that's the thing about cruising.  More coming soon!


  1. I've been on the fence about taking a cruise for so long but I've gotta say this post made me look at it a whole new way. I like the cozy feel and I see you brought your own coffee mugs and hung a little banner to make it feel more like home, I love that! I think I might just look into a family cruise in or future.

  2. I love cruising (for all the reasons you listed above). I've been on half a dozen. My husband, one. And he wouldn't go again - haha!