Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

thanksgiving 9

I can't believe that another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  This was our second hosting in our old Connecticut colonial and it was warm and cozy.  The food was oh so good good good and the smell, if I could bottle it I certainly would.

thanksgiving 12

The weekend before Thanksgiving we decorated our home excpet for the main tree in the living room. I love having it all up, festive, and cozy for Thanksgiving.

prethanksgiving 1

prethanksgiving 2

prethanksgiving 3

prethanksgiving 4

There was a half birthday in there somewhere too.

prethanksgiving 5

I started baking a few days before Thanksgiving.

prethanksgiving 6

And setting the table is the real show stopper for me. The food compliments the table. It's all about 'playing house' and I love it.

prethanksgiving 7

prethanksgiving 9

It started with a not too early start which was really nice and hot cuppa tea in my Emma Bridgewater mug.

thanksgiving 1

I got right to the dough that had to rise before I made the rolls...

thanksgiving 2

... while Scott started with the gravy. He uses the giblets, neck (sounds gross, I know) and simmers all day long. Like all day long. After the turkey is out of the oven it's strained and combined with the natural gravy on the bottom of the turkey pan for the best gravy in the world.

thanksgiving 16

There was PJ parade watching. We live close enough to NYC that each year I wonder if 'someday' we should go. But I think it's way better on the couch in PJs for sure!

thanksgiving 3

thanksgiving 4T

The girls made a turkey gingerbread.

thanksgiving 5

thanksgiving 6

thanksgiving 7

thanksgiving 8

A few minutes before family arrived we took a few pictures in our backyard. The leaves are mostly gone and there was a carpet of them at our feet. That says Thanksgiving to me for sure!

thanksgiving 11

thanksgiving 12

I lit the fire and turned on my music.

thanksgiving 14

thanksgiving 13

The rolls so so many of them came out of the oven.

thanksgiving 15

Scott kept working on the gravy.

thanksgiving 16

thanksgiving 10

I love how it gets dark by 5:00... perfect backdrop for twinkle lights.

thanksgiving 17

Uncles and puzzles and four year olds. (abd carpet that went down less than 24 hours earlier... phew!)

thanksgiving 18


thanksgiving 19

Candles were lit.

thanksgiving 20

prethanksgiving 12

prethanksgiving 9

prethanksgiving 10

thanksgiving 22

And the food we wait for all year slid out of the oven.

thanksgiving 23

thanksgiving 24

thanksgiving 25

thanksgiving 26

thanksgiving 21

After dinner it all about welcoming the season of Christmas in my home. I change the music to the old fashioned Christmas songs I love.

thanksgiving 27

thanksgiving 28

thanksgiving 29

thanksgiving 30

Christmas cloth napkins and little silver forks make me so happy.

thanksgiving 31

thanksgiving 32

thanksgiving 33

And the very best part is when family stays late. Candles are low. Laughter comes upstairs from the playroom as cousins play and we sit around remembering our blessings, laughing about our yesterdays and thinking through the future.

thanksgiving 34


  1. Everything looked so lovely and warm and welcoming. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Have a great week!


  2. Picture perfect! All of it. Like out of a book.

    I couldn't help notice the Pinot. Love me some pinot ;) And the "bottle up the smell" comment, yasss! Isn't it the best?

  3. Tara,
    This is where you shine. (Even more than usual.)
    Every little detail was thought out and executed in perfect Tara style.
    Lovely and warm and cozy and beautiful.
    And now...Christmas!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tara, your holiday looks beautiful! I love how you decorate your lovely home ♥