Friday, November 24, 2017

My Vintage Thanksgiving Table

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I've been trying to get inspired as there are only a few days before Thanksgiving. (probably when I post this only one day before, eek!) There are so many ideas out there. So many 'matchy-matchy' big and shiny. I tried. But it's just not me. And on a holiday don't you just have to do you?

My home style is traditional, classic, with a touch of romantic. I can't always 'pull it off' but when I can I try.

We have a new dining set. I'll save that for another post. She's a beauty. An antique and I'm in love with her. And when I tried to set the table for Thanksgiving and nothing was working I knew I was trying to hard and needed to be me. Small, simple, pretty. Not everything matching. Not everything balance. Just some things that I love that make me smile. Little things that I think are romantic.

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I ironed a new April Cornell table cloth. My new table needed a new one (don't worry, it looks classic and old, just right for my Hitchcock.

I started with all matching and symetrical for a centerpiece and hated it. So I walked around my house and pulled out the things that I love. Old books, tiny vases, my mothers solid brass candle sticks, little paper houses. And it's not magazine worthy (unless Susan Branch has a magazine) but it's me and it's just right for my house. Nothing from Michael's craft store or from Homegoods (I love those places, yes I do, but I was going for a more vintage look.

This has been QUITE the fall for me with going back to the classroom. So little time. Most of this happened the night before, oh my goodnes, yes.

But it all worked and it was us.  And now it's hours before Thanksgiving and we are happy.

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  1. Beautiful, I love the tablecloth and from what I can see of those new chairs.....drool!!!