Thursday, November 30, 2017

So much to look forward to...

Every week I write a letter to the parents of the children in my classroom. And every week I sign the letter

"We have so much to look forward to, "

along with my name.

It makes me think about the month about to happen while we are sleeping tonight.


How I love December.

We have our advent calendars ready to go. I use the paper one with the little doors that open. I know that there are really amazing wooden ones out there. And even more amazing ones you can buy on etsy that you fill each day. But somehow the little paper doors are still exciting to us. And just right for this season.

I certainly do have so much to look forward to with my sweet little family this coming month. All of the traditions are penciled in on our calendar so that we make sure they happen. The 'Christmas Checkoff List' is hanging in our kitchen and there are twinkle lights everywhere.

But this year it will be a bit different. I am a teacher. A fourth grade teacher and my life has certainly changed. The 18 children in my classroom are precious to me. All of them. I treasure them like gifts.

But the career of teaching is oh so time consuming (and fulfilling and inspiring and invigorating) and it takes me away from my home for the entire school day. I choose to trust the One that placed me where I am. In this season (of my life) (and of this Holiday season)

And it will still be wonderful. And yes, this December (even this one with this mama back in the classroom) we have oh so very much to look forward to.

(coffee cake given to me by a sweet little boy and his family today... there is no other profession where love spills all day long. I am blessed)
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1 comment:

  1. Yes.
    Happy December...the time fo year we wait for!
    And it will be different.
    But good different.
    Really good different.
    Love you, Mrs. Teacher!