Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Just the right tree, Just the right place

getting tree 1

We got our tree on Thanksgiving weekend.

I told the story of our getting a tree back here in 2015  

It was a sunny, very cold day.  Tree picking out perfection.

getting tree 3

After some time in the cold we went in to our favorite little farm stand to warm up with hot cider. I love this little store.

getting tree 4

With a kitty all curled up by the warmth of the fire.

getting tree 5

getting tree 7

When you shop at this little store (filled with all kinds of produce and breads and homemade jams) you shop with a little basket.

getting tree 6

It was a slice of Christmas joy right here in our town.

2016 was back here 

2014 was back here

2013 was back here 

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