Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Fair

We went to a fall fair last weekend in our favorite fall town.

(I wrote about Riverton back here)
(And it was one of our Christmas Getaway weekends back here)

Riverton is like stepping back in time.

Even the drive there is so so pretty.  Parks all along the way.  Leaves just staring to turn.


Loved this old house on main street


fair 9

You can tell that their fair is their towns pride and joy.


It's small (just the way I like it) but with all of the fall fair fun you'd expect. Like bunnies.

fair 2


fair 3

and games

fair 4

and rides, oh course rides!

fair 5

Prized pumpkins

fair 6

And this along the town's edge. So picturesque.

fair 7

fair 8

At dinner time we got our hands stamped, left the fair and went to their amazing restaurant... Sweet Peas! Yes, there was so much food at the fair but eating at a fair is too tricky for us with all of Abigail's allergies. We brought special (from home) baked goods for her dessert at the fair later... and so Anna could have dessert fair food.. but dinner was just too complicated.

fair 10

Sweet Peas (we'd eaten there before) was amazing!

fair 11

The best part of the day was walking back over to the fair for an evening of rides and games. Abigail sipped all the way from Sweet Peas!

I love when I catch that sparkle in her eyes.

fair 12

From the top of the ferris wheel.

fair 13

I love watching his smile when he watches his girls.

fair 14

That one (smile) is my very favorite. I'm pretty much sure it's reserved for his girls.

fair 16

It was such a fun day! It was special to me because of how much our life has changed. I loved letting to this day and just having FUN with my little family!

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  1. Happy faces!! The scenery is so pretty and quaint. I love quaint!