Wednesday, October 25, 2017


leaves 5

Last weekend the leaves had just turned.  And it was glorious.  I never tire of it and actually feel surprised each year.  I don't know how that is possible since I've had 44 New England falls.  But it happens every year. 

leaves 1

Leaf covered paths. Running with the crunch under her feet, through the colored tree maze.

leaves 2

leaves 3

I love when the color reflects off water.

leaves 4

leaves 6

She loves nature as much as her mama. We crave it in the fall.

leaves 7

And her school tree always gets a visit.

leaves 8

And a hug this year since it's her last year in that school.

leaves 9

leaves 10

But by far, the prettiest leaves are the ones I see right outside my window.

leaves 11

Because that means I am home.

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