Friday, August 25, 2017

Walt Disney World ~ part 5

So friends, I have to explain why there are so many parts to this post. I'm kinda knee deep in setting up my classroom and turning my life upside down. But I refuse to quit blogging. It's good for me and I never will. But with such a long vacation and so many pictures it's taking me quite some time. So bear with me. Oh how I wish I was showing you what's going on behind the scenes in our house right now. The classroom and my amazing family all helping me out! It feels like a dream. Like I'm going to wake up and it it never happened. But just in case it really is real I'd better keep getting my room ready.

Back to Disney...

So after our wonderful morning in the Magic Kingdom we headed back to the Polynesian for a rest. While the girls were watching Mickey cartoons on the bed, the principal called me. (I talked about what he said back here)

It really was such a cool moment. And I love that I found out when I was in Disney because I'll remember it forever.

Scott and I talked and chatted and talked to the girls about what just happened. And then we got changed and ready for Epcot.

EP 1

Loved meeting the princesses from Frozen.

EP 2

EP 3

EP 6

EP 4

EP 7

EP 5

EP 8

EP 9

EP 10

EP 11

EP 12

We had a celebration dinner in the Mexico Restaurant. I'd never eaten here but always wanted to. There is a small boat ride that goes right by this indoor (but looks outdoor) restaurant.

EP 13

EP 14

We explored Mexico, Norway and China that night. (The frozen ride is AMAZING)

EP 15

EP 16

EP 18

Got Anna a few special things from China.

EP 17

As it grew dark we found a good spot for the Illuminations show. A spot next to the Norway bakery sure was a happy spot for Anna.

EP 19

EP 20

EP 21

Illuminations really is something amazing. I watched the girls watching it.

(love this) (just stay little, just stay little, just stay little)
EP 22

EP 23

EP 24

EP 25

EP 26

Such an exciting day.  Like a dream.  More coming...

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  1. I love your matching outfits! Oh and the last five pictures.. Love! Just stay little..I think that often.