Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Swimming Milestone

It's a really really really big deal to pass the "deep end test" at our pool. Because once you pass the deep end test you can go down the slide, off the diving board, and anywhere in the pool.

She took a full calendar year of swimming lessons last year. And this year we decided that we'd do swimming lessons during the school year, and practice with daddy in the summer.

We were so very proud of her for giving it a try and getting across that long lap lane without stopping! She took off so quickly that Anna and I barely made it to the end (on the other side) before she finished. But boy did she slow down at the end. I was worried she'd stop and not make it. But she did that little peanut of ours!

Beaming after with her deep end bracelet and proud big sister.

pool 1

pool 2

We took her to Sweet Frog (there is one allergy free flavor machine there she can have) to celebrate. But EoE pains were so bad after one bite. So we left.

pool 3

I think the next day at the pool and getting to go down the slide was all the celebration she needed.

And she was the cutest little thing off the diving board!

pool 4

pool 5

pool 6

It's going to be a really fun August!!!

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