Monday, May 30, 2016

Winter Girl

This is me today. I know, it's Memorial Day. A day of remembrance, and for many the start to summer. Picnics, parades, sunny til late at night, the mud room back door swings open and closed a million times a day, happiness, giggles, the schedule loosens (soon), red white and blue.

But I'm a winter girl. No, I don't ski, or sled really. I think I'm an indoor winter girl. I love the cozy, the dark early nights, the fireplace on all day, flannel jammies, long nights, hot tea, extra layers, and the snow that makes the world so pretty.

Today they forecasted pouring rain. Downpours all day. And I was excited because it was our day at home. Cozy, cozy home. A day to relax, putter around my house, feel inspired, redecorate, read extra long, have my morning prayer time not rushing, read the Bible, listen to the girls play all day. You know, like it's winter outside. Except that it rained for like 20 minutes and took away my cozy with the bright sunshine.

I'll join this "yah, it's summer" bandwagon. Soon. I will. But just for the record, I'm a winter girl.

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  1. I love this post.
    I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!
    That's us!