Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Right now our 'in the thick of it' lives consist of dinner at weird times, going here and going there, running and running like never before.  And in all of this 'fullness' called life I pick my camera up.  Especially when there is NO TIME because there's something that happens when I press that button.  A moment, a daily one, one a too full evening captures her just the way I don't ever want to forget.

Another concert.  This was Monday evening.  I've lost count on the viola concerts in May.

This was another lovely one.  The select (you have to audition for) choir, jazz band, and of course, our favorite, the orchestra.

I asked Anna when she hopped out of the car to turn back and flash me a smile.  That daughter of mine is so good to me.  What other seventh grader would cooperate with that?

But she did.


And then, bonus!  I got another.


We are so proud of you Anna!


  1. I LOVE the bonus picture you got of her. Swinging hair, natural beautiful smile. :)


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