Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Susan Branch

I first got the chance to meet my favorite author on a crisp fall day (back here). But this time my girls wanted to go. They know how much I love her books and how much I've leaned from her. She is the Queen of Homemaking. And nesting. And pretty things like dishes and linens. In her books she makes it seem like cutting a flower from your lilac tree is like heaven, and that each season is like a glorious celebration or a present waiting to be opened. I've loved her books since I got my first one in 1997.

Before we went Anna found this book in a used book store and said something like, "oh Susan Branch would like this kind of book"


So Anna gave it to her. And wrote a delightful note inside. Along with a cute little bunny.


Abigail colored in a mouse tea party coloring page because she wanted to be included. (I forgot to get a quick picture of the back of Abigail's drawing because she wrote something like "I heard you have a Peter Rabbit room. Guess what? So do I!" And I can't remember the darling rest of it)

It was lovely to meet her again, this time so much more meaningful with my daughters. Each day I try to teach them a bit about loving the place you call home. The place that God blesses you with needs to be cared for and to enjoy caring for it is a gift. Meeting my homemaking inspiration was just one little part. ~ Domestic Bliss ~ 

Scott came too and took these while we were chatting with her. I'm so glad he did.


She was just wonderful with my girls.  As I knew she would be.



She signed Anna's address book (and Riley, we told her how Anna has your address in it and how she writes to you and how a pen pal became a real - life best friend!!!)





And then we spent the afternoon in the children's bookstore and loved every minute!





It was rainy day which makes our grass oh so green and the flowers even prettier.


"Fairy magic sparkles in nature" Lynn Holland 


Wild flowers and birds on her dress... makes me smile...


"The ordinary arts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."  Thomas Moore  

If I could water color a heart right there at the end of that quote, I would.  Because it is true.  And I love it so.


  1. How exciting!!! I just love Susan Branch :-) Hayley tagged me on my blog to do a little questionaire and now I'm tagging you. :-) If you're interested here is the link. http://blessingsofastayathomemom.blogspot.com/2016/05/text-tag.html Have a great evening!


  2. Oh what a fun afternoon. I remember when you met her last time and how exciting you girls,were able to come with you this time. ,
    What a sweet note Anna wrote to Susan Branch.
    Love the bookstore you spent the afternoon in...when you come visit me I have a few bookstores and a super old library we can visit. :)

  3. Oh how exciting for you all!