Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Monday night

On Monday night Anna was in her 7th Grade Orchestra Concert. Since she's in six (yesterday I thought it was five) concerts in seven days I thought I'd stay home for this one with Abigail and let Scott go. This was her regular school orchestra concert... not a specialty one she had to audition for so I thought it would be okay to miss. I really need to get Abigail in bed by 7:45 so she can have the energy she needs for the next school day.

Of course she was finally up front (and I missed it) but that's okay.. they'll be other times.

I can't imagine life without our phones the way we use them these days. So wonderful to be able to chat with Scott throughout the evening. And to get his 'take' on the concert.


When they walked home Abigail was already asleep and I quickly snapped this one of them together. I love it. There's just something about this daddy's love for his China girl. Something very very special.

Healing, fixing kind of love.


When Anna came home it was homework and shower and other nightly routines. Scott ran out and surprised her with a milkshake. I wish I snapped a picture of her in the kitchen sipping on it. She was so cute and seemed little to me.

All of these nights in May, one right after another that are crazy are really little gifts. We are blessed indeed.


  1. I love the picture of anna and Scott. And I love your text. I often wonder how my parents did it without cell phones and being able to text.

  2. Great picture of Anna and Scott! The end of the year is flying by but I'm so excited, as I'm sure you are to be home with the girls everyday for the Summer. I can't believe Anna is in 7th grade!!! It goes by way to quick and she's just beautiful :)

  3. What a special time for the two of them :)