Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Morning... I like it


Today is misty rainy.  And cooooold.  Abigail wore a hat jumping out of the car to get in her line at school today.  Burrrrrr...

I was thinking that today would be the perfect day to stay home and putter around my already clean house.  (isn't it the best when you house doesn't need to be CLEANED and you can 'play house' and move things around and ENJOY it?  That's my favorite!!!)  And probably why I love my new cleaning system.  We deep clean (spring clean) one big or two small rooms every single weekend.  We all get in there.  There seems to be a job for everybody.  Curtains come off and go in the wash.  Walls are scrubbed down. Light fixtures get taken off and washed in the kitchen sink. (suddenly the room is soooo much brighter)  If something needs 'attention' like a little paint here or there Scott is right on it!  Shower curtain gets replaced and the outer one is washed and hung back up.  The girls help me decide if we should change around something.  Take a picture down.  Put a different one up.  Move the soap here.  Put the cotton balls in a little china dish over there.  (see, playing house)

And then poof!  The room is deeeeep cleaned.  All I need to do is keep at it with 'light housework' as my Grandma used to call it.  Keep the sink wiped down with a clorox wipe, dust... just a bit of daily and it stays nice.

So now we finished our spring cleaned for the entire (it's not that big of a house, really) upstairs.  Our bedroom, our bathroom, the girls bedrooms, the hallway, and their bathroom.  Even Scott said on Saturday night (we live wild lives) "it DOES feel cleaner in here" as he helped squeeze toothpaste on Abigail's brush.

So yes, today I'd love to stay here and make a minestrone soup and putter around.  Maybe clean out the baskets and drawers of my desk down here in the playroom.  But off to two little schools I go. It's only fair, really.  Everyone else is already at their school.  It's my turn.  Sip the last of my tea, turn off this computer, change so I look like a teacher and gooooo.  I really don't mind at all.  I love what I do.  One milli-second when those little readers walk in, all is right with my day again. I know I just where I need to be.

And they'll be minestrone soup tonight, still, for sure.

(ribbons down, washed and drying) 


(took them all down and washed them in the kitchen sink with woolite)

(the girls bathroom is original to the house, built in the 1950's... it is quite charming... and really wittle) 

(I like little trays... Cath Kidston please.. with flowers anywhere I can fit them) 




(she wanted her soap ... bunny... to be able to see outside) 

So I wrote all of that in the morning. And now I'm home typing here in my jammies. I have to tell you that my day at my schools were so peachy. I walked into a balloon tied to my chair with a clue on it. So I was off on a scavenger hunt around the school looking for the little gift at the end. Oh what a fun was to start teaching on a Monday morning. What a wonderful principal I get to work with!

And one little boy that I used to work with was walking out down the hall trying to cover that he was crying. I felt so privileged that I got to be the one to talk to him and listen. To give him the reassurance and TLC he needed before walking back into class. I love children and I love what I do!


  1. Those littles are so very blessed to have you in their lives at school.
    Your beautiful, smiling face...
    Your patience...
    Your love of learning...
    What a blessing you are.

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