Thursday, May 12, 2016

Repost... since we're getting reading to celebrate her again!

(first published on the blog in 2013)

We were watching "baby movies" the other night and came across this little gem.  It was the night before Abigail's 2nd birthday party.  She was on her way up to her crib but I had Scott turn on the video... I'm so glad I did... And it starts off, "Abigail, what's coming tomorrow?"

Oh I love it!!! 


  1. Crying,
    Don't you just wish you could reach right through the screen and hold them once again?
    Your soul is beautiful, my friend!

  2. You so sweet. I have such a hard time watching g videos for my kids..I so badly want to reach into the screen and hold them one more time or to relive that moment again.
    When is Abigail's birthday? Juliana will be 9 in July...I

  3. So funny I just read with billie jo's almost the same as what I wrote...that's why we are all such good friends.:)

  4. Love this so much!!! Bless her heart Have a great weekend!