Monday, June 29, 2015

Pulling It Together

Scott is away a for a few days this week. I didn't want him to go. We were supposed to go to but more on that later. (when I can get some pictures and video off of my phone)

I have to tell the truth. When he first left I was excited about having the girls all to myself. And the house all to ourselves. The organized schedule all to myself. I had little ideas, little plans for us.

But then the second day came and missing him turned into thoughts like, "wow, he really does do a lot around here."

I missed him but I missed him doing the dinner dishes while I got the girls cozy for the night. I missed him soaking up some of Abigail's endless stream of conversation. I missed him pulling Anna out of her shell and into laughing.

I missed him pulling down the shade (which is broken in our room) and being there at night because falling asleep alone is well, just alone.

I can't wait to see him tomorrow night... wait.. there's one more day in there I forgot about. It's a few more nights than I thought.

Tomorrow I'll keep our afternoon simple. I'll pray early in the morning about my patience that I'll need around bedtime later that evening. And I'll count off one more day until I can wrap my arms around him again.

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  1. Oh how I understand...Ray travels often for work and the first few days are fun but then it gets lonely.
    Sorry you were not able to join him on his trip...I understand about being disappointed about not being able to join my husband on a trip to New York.

  2. I can relate... Jerry travels often with work and we sure miss him when he's gone. Hope you're having a great summer!


  3. So I'm behind again. As I type this, I hope your hubs is home and all is well in your world again! :)