Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day


Yesterday was Father's Day.  We celebrated by going to Mass and then home to presents.  I know, not over the top.  Not even close to 'the top' but that's EXACTLY what Scott wanted.  A simple, regular Sunday.  (with presents and homemade cards)


It rained on the way to Mass and it was sweet (although I don't have a picture).  Scott dropped his three girls off at the front of church so we didn't have to walk through the rain (even though we all had umbrellas) through the parking lot.  Sometimes even if their isn't a picture I want to remember a moment.  He's mannerly like that, and we like being 'his girls'.


Presents at home.  New headphones and a fitbit.  Anna has one and now Scott.  We've all been so jealous of Anna's... checking into her steps goal each day.  She loves walking and I love our two mile walk each day with her!  Now Scott's can record tennis.  (He's an amazing tennis player... played #1 for his team in college and he plays almost daily, competitively...although I haven't watched him in a while I love to see him on the court... takes me right back to high school and college days with him)


In the afternoon he played tennis at the club and the girls and I met Grandpa at Barnes and Noble.  We had snacks there and just walked around outside and talked.  It was lovely.


We came home to this... a lovely dinner Scott grilled.  I thought it was perfect that Scott cooked dinner on Father's Day.  He's always willing to jump in and get a meal on the table when their is a time crunch during our full school year.  And this was exactly what he wanted for dinner on Father's Day ~ burgers, fries, and grilled corn.  So 'fatherish'!



I am so grateful today for my dad.  The best one ever.  My dad and I are very close.  I adored him growing up and still do.  He made my world safe.  And at the same time he opened up the whole world to me.  I am a teacher because of him.  I love children like he does.  He loved me dearly and I am so glad he is my dad.


And to the daddy of my girls, my husband.  I adore him too.  He makes my world safe.  He took over just where my dad left off on my wedding day, nearly nineteen years ago.  He too opened up the whole world to me.  I am a mommy because of him.  I love children and teaching like he does.  I love him dearly.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! How eases you are to have such a wonderful husband and daddy to your beautiful girls.
    I have to tell you I have been so sad theses last few weeks about our New York trip.. I sure miss you! Let's get planning something soon please!

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