Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Her Birth Day

We woke up tired that next morning.  And it was a Monday!

But aren't you beaming happy when it's your child's birthday?  I knew that I could handle one more over the moon day.

Oh how I hated that we had school on her actual birthday. Even with the huge party the day before I wanted and longed to be with her that day. But I also knew that it's pretty darn exciting to be in school ON your birthday.

There was something in me that could not bear the fact that someone might pass her in the hallway and not know it was her special day. Not say those three words, "happy birthday" so I made her this. Quickly.

So just as we were about to leave I ran downstairs, grabbed my scrabooking supplies (blew off the dust, ha!) and made her this.


Which she proudly wore all day in school.

And then that afternoon just as I was about go pick her up balloons arrived for her from one of my friends. (oh my friends are goooood to me)

I thought quick and got them in the car.

Scott met up with us at the school. (love when he leaves early on their birthdays)

And she came into the car filled with balloons. It was awesome!





A quick love photo after school.


And just a few little things from mommy, daddy, and anna.



And a few other things from other friends. (have I said how good my friends are?) Love that she loves a sweet chapter book as a present. Joy!


And then it was time for sleep.


I try not to concentrate on the feelings that I wish she was a baby on my hip. I try to love the little that eight still is. Because eight is still little. And I get to be her mama. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And that is goooood.



  1. Happy Birthday to your baby.
    She will always be your baby.

  2. Look at the excitement when she saw those balloons!!! I love her dress, so cute!


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