Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Few 'lasts' things

The last day of school was last week.  But it feels like it was like... last month.  Once my girlies are home and we dive in a bunch of fun and a bunch of nothing the days go on and on and that is just perfect in my book.

But I don't want to forget this.  Abigail speaking into the microphone at her school.  Her little report was on Salamanders.


It was sweet. She was super nervous and oh so quiet. And ya know what I said to her when she was done? (after, great job! of course) "Abigail, if you picked turtle you could have worn your pink dress with the turtles on it and the turtle barrettes in your hair and I even have the matching underwear and bracelet". I think she rolled her eyes at me.


I love being there for all of the little and big school events. (the little ones really are big ones to them, right?) But seeing those pictures makes me so happy that it's summer!

And this one... it makes me happy. This is the girls on their last day of viola lessons for this school year.


Most wonderful teacher in all the world. The end! And the beginning of summer!

Way back when she first had Mr. Lee for a teacher I took this picture on the last day of lessons that year.


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