Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Dishes Can Wait

Tonight Scott was home for dinner but then had to scoot back to his school for a concert. Being an elementary school principal this time of year means that there are a loooot of events at night but he manages to get home for just a bit when he can. After he left I gave Abigail her bath and then headed to the kitchen to tackle the mountain of dinner dishes.

But then she called me from the playroom. So I went down to see what she needed. And I found this.

She had set up her own tea shop and was serving tea.

I so wanted to get all of the dishes going in the dishwasher and clean off the kitchen table for Anna's homework. And she does this sort of stuff all the time, right? They'll be another tea shop like next Tuesday or something, right?

But what if there isn't? What if she grows out of her play kitchen and making her mama pretend food?


So I sat down and watched.

Her whisking.


Her reaching up.


I marveled at her menu.


And I soaked it in.

Some days I don't. Some days I do the dishes instead. But tonight. I stayed for tea.


(I don't know if you're a Raffi fan like me but if you are he has a new CD with a song on it called "Free to Play" that reminded me of this night. It's not yet on youtube or I'd link it to this post. But check it out on itunes)

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