Thursday, February 12, 2015


I was so tired. I looked across the table at Scott, happy that I had the time to make homemade sauce for the pasta. Happy that he was home. Happy that we were all around the table.

(and this was earlier in the afternoon) 

I was listening to the 'buzz' that sometimes happens at dinner. It was a most exciting happiness as Abigail was discussing her dress up 'end of the the fairy tale' unit tomorrow.

Anna was patiently helping her little sister think through dress up options while keeping mommy happy trying to convince her sister to be a 'valentine cinderella' (knowing I'd want her to wear a Valentine dress tomorrow)

I dished a second helping to Scott and Anna. Happy to do so. I love when we're all together around the table.

Anna offered her silver crown for her sister to wear tomorrow.

Daddy left the table and came back a minute or two later with purple dress up gloves and 'high heeled' dress up shoes for her to add to her costume.

She was delighted. We all were for her.


I loved tonight.

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