Friday, February 27, 2015

Dresses and Sacraments... ohhh... ahhh...

I'm so glad it's Friday!  I'm looking forward to so much this weekend.  And so much of nothing.  I wish there was a storm brewing... a whopper of a snowstorm.  You know how I love those!  There's a bit of something on the seven day forecast but my guess is that it'll pass or we'll just get a dusting.

Tomorrow we're are going First Communion dress shopping.  I just might not sleep.  Like really!  I've been looking forward to this since I heard, "it's a girl!"  It's not just any dress.  It's one goodness gracious special dress.

Both of my girls wore the same amazing Baptism dress.  It's an heirloom (from Ireland). (& I'm too lazy today and busy to drag up a photo of their Baptism... just trust me the dress was & is incredible)

And then when it was time for Anna's First Communion I bought a beautiful dress knowing that Abigail would wear it.  But Abigail is still wearing a size 5 (on a good day) and so Anna's literally falls off of her.





I was teeny tiny at this age too so I tried MY First Communion dress on Abigail.  And mostly, it fit.  I still adore it.  And even made the girls wash their hands before touching it.  I love love love vintage dresses and really thought about making my dress work for Abigail.  But there was just something not quite "Abigail" about it.  All I can can see is "me" in that dress.  And the wonderful flood of memories from that holy day.  (and my Mom said that if she wore it we'd have to do something about the sleeves)

(quick iphone pics to my mom)



So off to shopping we are going.  I had to find a store that carries size 4 and 5.  Most First Communion dresses start at size 8.  And I found a store near New York City.  Oh I can hardly wait.  Their website promised only 100% silk and gorgeous dresses.  None of that yucky mini wedding dresses for me.  Wish us luck.  And see you all on Monday!


  1. Cannot wait!
    Have a wonderful, wonderful day, my friend!!!!
    And Anna's dress?!? Swoon!!!!!!!

  2. Such an exciting day! Nicolas wore the same baptism outfit ray wore and it was brought back from Italy. Unfortuntaly we have gotten behind and Juliana will not be having her first comminion this year hopefully next year.
    Can't wait to see pictures of her dress!

  3. So exciting! Have a wonderful evening!