Thursday, February 26, 2015

First Snow

Back when all we had was a 'point and shoot' camera we took these of Anna.  It was her first time in the snow.

I remember that it was Friday night one evening in the late fall when the flakes started coming down.


Only two young parents would think their baby/toddler would want to go out to 'experience' that.  I've learned a lot since then. She was happy because I was happy.

But it was just so thrilling for us to have a baby, a family, our own little family. We loved every 'new thing' with her.


I never want to get to the point where I don't realize that a 'miracle' is living under my roof. She's an eleven year old, changing girl. She's really little but sometimes struggles with and wants to be big. (I guess they all do that at all of their stages and ages) I never want to grow lazy in my love for her. I never want to not be thrilled to be with her. I prayed for her. Waited for her. My very soul ached for her. And now she is here. Still here. Living happily as my daughter. She is still my miracle.


PS ~ yup, we used to have a darling dog named Chester. And just in case you wanted to see what he looked like...



  1. Those photos of Anna are just precious. I have seen a picture or two in the background of sweet Chester, and I have been very curious as to where he is?

  2. Love!
    Simply love!
    And did I not know of the existence of a dog in your home?
    Do tell!!! : )


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