Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Storm

I love winter.  I do.  I wouldn't live in Connecticut if I didn't love winter.  Sure, I love spring too but I love cozy and cozy is winter.

So really I'm not complaining when I type "another storm".  Scott says it's because I'm inside while he's outside getting ice and snow off the roof to save our gutters.  He's right.  Cozy and warm.


So we're supposed to get another storm tomorrow and I'm happy.

Last weekend it was doing this outside... huge monster winds...


But Scott picked up some new paints and some fun new brushes on the way home Friday. (and a few things to paint)


So the girls painted for two hours.



We played games


and napped


I baked


and the winter winds howled


Spring will come. Under all of that snow are tulip bulbs just waiting for the melting and the sun. There is always so much to look forward to. It's enjoying the now that is important I think. Happy weekend! Happy 'another' storm!


  1. I'm with you on all this snow... but I'm not a fan of Winter! Ohio does not clear roads well at all so the safety of driving worries me here. Another storm today and white out conditions.It's pretty to look at if you don't have to go anywhere... Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I love getting peks into your beautiful home and family. If we lived closer I know our little girls,would be such good friends. I am really trying to enjoy the now but am feeling very overwhelmed with activities so I am wishing for the slow days of summer vacation and having my family home with me.
    Have a great week!!


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