Thursday, December 18, 2014

Just One Week

Have you ever thought what crossed my mind today?  "Man, if I was at this point and it was December 5th... why I'd be in such a good place for Christmas I wouldn't know what to do with myself"  If I had these cards done and gifts bought and plans finalized and it was just the beginning of December I'd really be able to enjoy the month.

But I've learned that I can't think with way.  No matter when I 'start' and this year I was buying gifts and recording them in my binder this summer... there are always last week things.  And just when I think I was rushed during the season all I have to do is look back here and then I remember...

the viola concert

the visit to Santa

the get away weekend

all the goodness happened and I didn't miss it.

watching my little one sitting on her daddy's lap during the play The Christmas Carol on our get away

hearing the strings start up

the ohhhs and ahhhs of opening the ornament on Thanksgiving morning

seeing her dance to Irish Christmas music

laying out, seeing them wear, washing, ironing, and laying out again all of their Christmas season clothes again and again.

running out the door just because it's snowing and darn... I've got to have snow in my Christmas card

going to the tree farm (and seeing the snow on all of the trees)

the day of lights for Scott

decorating and decorating and decorating and decorating.

yes, all the goodness happened and I didn't miss it.

Tomorrow I have this party happening in my home again.  And I am thrilled.  And even though I teach in the morning and volunteer in Abigail's classroom in the afternoon, I can be there (and really be there) for our North Pole Party.  It's full.. and it's all good.  I am grateful for little ones still in my home.  For Christmas magic with my husband on our nineteenth married Christmas.  For our favorite season together.

And I'll leave you with this because it's not me at all but it sure is fun.

family silly edited cropped

It didn't make the 'cut' because I just couldn't send out sassy to the people on our list but I sure love that I'm trying to have a good time even on my own photo shoot. (and making my daughter laugh)

Enjoy that last week friends. It's magic!