Sunday, December 22, 2013

North Pole Party

After all of the glitter was swept away, the "flying powder" vacuumed up, and the signs came down I looked at the pictures that had recorded the magic for this night. And I cried.

You think it, plan it, dream it, shop for it and pull it all together. And then you "do" the party. It doesn't leave much time for soaking it in. But when I looked at the pictures I was able to see the joy. From the smallest six year old to the one who'll turn eleven in a few weeks, there was magic.

This North Pole party was simple really. Nighttime, lights and children just a few days before Christmas. Well, that's magic for sure.

Thank you girls who came for giving my two girls the sweetest party ever. For you know that you brought the fun, the joy, the laughter. And I'm so glad you believe... in the magic of Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. Speechless.
    Tara, if I could envision the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes...this would be it. Watching it from miles away was so magical. I can't imagine the feeling actually being there!
    Everything was perfect...
    And the snow was the icing on the cake!
    You my dear, along with your awesome hubby and sweet parents, gave those precious little ladies a memory they will hold in their hearts forever...
    And that is why I love you!!!